A YOUTH club based in Maryhill have started a 'Meals-on-Wheels' style project to help those isolating alone in the local community.

The G20 Youth Project is a postcode based youth club who have started Food From the Wood to bring professionally cooked meals to vulnerable people in the surrounding area that otherwise may not be able to eat properly whilst under lock down.

Emily Cutts, Project Leader, told The Glasgow Times: "We started a meals on wheels project when it was clear that people would need support to isolate due to the Covid-19. We have hired a professional chef to cook meals for the most vulnerable in our community.

"Helping others helps ourselves - and it is obvious how motivated the young people are, with such a strong sense of purpose, during this challenging time.

"We’re following all the guidelines on distancing - yet while we can’t be physically close, our young people are showing us that we can be socially close to those in our community who need it most.

The community have really embraced the project and we find that they help us to identify people who need us."

Since beginning the meals service, the reception has been extremely positive.

Glasgow Times:

One user, who wishes to remain anonymous, told The Glasgow Times the project made them feel "less alone".

Some of the meals

They said: "This project has lifted up my spirits. Even though I live alone, I realise that I'm not alone. There is so many kind people out there. I don't feel so isolated anymore."

This week, Maryhill Councillors Letford and Scally joined Food from the Wood while they delivered to the community, and urged people to donate anything they could to help.

Councillor Letford said: "The young people of Maryhill are truly inspiring. Not only did they come up with the idea of feeding our vulnerable and isolated neighbours, but they have stepped up to ensure the meal service is a success.

"Councillor Scally and I have been out with them delivering meals across Maryhill, and seen first hand how appreciated their efforts are. Whether it's chicken curry, Mac 'n' cheese or soup, our kids are bringing a smile to many faces in these dark times.

"If a business or individual can help G20 with a new cooker, dishwasher, takeaway boxes, nappies, toiletries, plastic bags or a monetary donation, then this project could feed even more isolated people. We like to fend for ourselves in Maryhill, but at this time, to help others we need your help."


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