I REFER to the email from Robert Frazer stating that in his opinion Nicola Sturgeon was right not to sack Catherine Calderwood because she had not adhered to her own advice regarding staying at home.

It was suggested that she had not done any harm by not following her own advice, however lots of others could make the same claim but the situation could have had a completely different result.

If she had been involved in an accident with another vehicle, quite possibly not even her fault, but the resulting accident could then have resulted in coming into contact with people in the other car, police, ambulance and possibly even NHS health workers.

All because she was out doing something she was telling others not to do.

The whole reasoning behind the lockdown is so that people cannot come into contact with others, accidental or not.

So in my opinion she should have been sacked and not given an option of resigning where she probably still has the advantage of having her pension waiting for her.

K Tweed


I WAS enjoying a stroll round Rouken Glen pond, inset, when a gentleman who was running stopped and introduced himself as a surgeon in ENT and that he recognised that I have Bell’s palsy.

He informed me that I had taped up my eye in a manner that would have little good in the recovery of my condition.

The man, Brian, then gave me a great deal of useful and reassuring information on my illness.

I have not been offered any outpatient appointments due to the current situation so the advice was most welcome and surprising that Brian stopped a serious looking run to provide me with his expertise. Many thanks.

William Bremner

Via email

JUST watched an advert by

Tesco on social distancing at its stores.

Can someone please explain why at Tesco’s Dalmarnock, it has stopped distancing customers outside the store and is allowing mass queues in very close proximity to gather to check-out and without preventative measures?

Name and address supplied

DONALD Trump is rightly regarded as a very dangerous individual in terms of world security.

In this world pandemic he is even more so very dangerous. He is constantly campaigning for economic activity to resume as quickly as possible.

The man is a danger to world security.

We cannot press ahead as if nothing has happened before we deal with this coronavirus threat.

I fully understand that he is desperate to get back into the business of accumulating even more wealth than he could spend in 10 lifetimes but he must be stopped by the international community.

The man is a walking time bomb.

And I cannot believe that anyone is actually prepared to debate whether there should a relaxation of the current restrictions.

No way should this should even be contemplated while we still have people dying and selfish individuals who think they are invincible but are actually a threat to the rest of us.

The lockdown should have happened earlier but for the dilly dallying by this Tory government. Watch the panic as the selfish hordes head for parks and beaches this weekend.

They caused people to lose their lives. We need to tighten up the restrictions and we will get through this.