STAFF at a care home in East Dunbartonshire claim management is covering up an outbreak of coronavirus which has claimed seven residents’ lives.

Three members of staff said they had “serious concerns” about infection control at Springvale Care Home in Lennoxtown.

They said seven residents have died in the space of two weeks with symptoms of the virus, but that new admissions have continued and staff are working without protective gear.

The Care Inspectorate confirmed that concerns have been raised.

The whistleblowers said they had been told they were overreacting by asking for protective masks and were warned against speaking out.

One said: “To my knowledge there have been seven deaths and as many residents with symptoms who are very unwell. I am disgusted that with all this happening, the management at Springvale are still admitting residents from a sister care home.

“These residents’ families have no idea about the outbreak and are happily sending their loved ones to this potential danger.

“The management have been playing the situation down.”

A second staff member confirmed there had been seven deaths in two weeks and that another resident was “dying as we speak”, with a number of others showing symptoms.

The employee added: “A new resident was brought in yesterday. She was vomiting as she came threw the doors and was spitting and her clothes had spit and sick on them also.

“We have all been told to keep hush about the Covid-19 and if we mention it, it’s breach of our contracts.”

A spokesperson for the home said: “It should be recognised that all our staff are working tirelessly against conditions never experienced before.

“Naturally, we are extremely conscious of both our moral obligations to respect the needs and wishes of all families and friends together with our legal obligations under GDPR, we will therefore be unable to share any details relating to individual residents.

“What we can say is that as an elderly care home, we do very regrettably see residents passing away both within the home under our care and after being transferred to hospital under the care of the NHS. Our deepest sympathies are always extended in such circumstances.

“The home has sufficient PPE to deal with any outbreak.

“All our staff are equipped with PPE when barrier nursing a suspected or confirmed Covid-19 resident. In addition and in line with freshly issued guidelines, the home is providing PPE to staff who wish to wear this throughout their shift.”