WHAT is happening in our care homes in the UK, and the number of deaths through the coronavirus, is an absolute disgrace.

Staff are doing their best but they are working in an environment where they are grossly underpaid and expected to turn up for work due to staff shortages, even if they are ill themselves.

The coronavirus is like a time-bomb in these establishments, with most residents having underlying health conditions and staff not having the equipment to protect themselves, despite the constant assurances by government spokespeople, which have proven meaningless.

When this crisis is over, we need a debate about the very ethos of these care homes and whether they need to be brought more directly under the umbrella of the NHS to ensure equity of care for the most vulnerable in our society.

PS. The article by Kirsty Strickland (April 11) was spot on in term of folk rushing to judge others in these difficult times. We need to take a step back and think about the stress that times like these bring and that the vast majority are simply trying to get through this as best they can.



HOW dare Matt Hancock (right) criticise or in any way blame or attack NHS staff at any level because of his and his government’s inability and incompetence.

Send him on his own to work on the frontline for a few weeks with the domestics and nurses. And not in one of the privileged London hospitals – and away from all his lackies who protect him.

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WE’RE told MPs have been given up to £10,000 for equipment and increased costs for working at home during the coronavirus pandemic.

This unwelcome allowance was introduced by the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority. Boris from his hospital bed should show his leadership by over-ruling this decision which is a slap in the face to those whose jobs are at risk whilst politicians get £80,000.

Instead of getting more, politicians’ salaries should be cut by 20 per cent like the workers who fund them.

Will Nicola Sturgeon now instruct her 48 SNP MPs not to claim

the £10,000 and rule that they and the 61 SNP MSPs take a

20 per cent cut in salary?

Clark Cross

Via email