A TEACHER left her colleagues "frightened" by her behaviour after verbally abusing other staff and causing a door to hit a classroom assistant on the head.

A fitness to teach panel heard Delia McLaughlin told one classroom assistant "This is my class and I'll do what I like" and arranged her class's furniture so that a child was facing a wall.

Ms McLaughlin had been moved to St Roch's Primary School in order to be supported to improve - but after a year of "intimidating" behaviour Glasgow City Council asked the professional standards body to strike her off the teaching register.

A General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTCS) panel said that "the school had offered the teacher the appropriate environment, resources and support to enable her to meet the necessary standards."

But its findings report added: "The failure to engage with the resources, support and training opportunities was down to the teacher's unwillingness to engage with colleagues and make positive changes to her teaching practice."

Witnesses told the GTCS panel of incidents that took place between October 2015 and June 2016.

The head teacher of the school said Ms McLaughlin's classroom was always untidy and she had concerns an accident might happen.

The teacher was given assistance to tidy and rearrange her classroom to suit her P2 pupils but changed it back.

Panel members heard that Ms McLaughlin used American resources in her class and had limited knowledge of Curriculum for Excellence or current teaching methods.

Pupils were permitted to go to the toilet on their own, which was against school policy for safety reasons, and the teacher did not plan "coherent, progressive and stimulating" lessons.

St Roch's has pupils with hearing impairments but Ms McLaughlin did not adapt her teaching to support them, nor did she provide appropriate teaching for a child with autism, the six-day hearing heard.

In June 2016 Ms McLaughlin had an argument with a colleague during which she said loudly, "I’m being harassed" before opening a door which struck another staff member on the head and arm.

She then walked out of the school and did not return.

The GTCS written findings said: "In looking at the allegations the panel considered that individually each allegation was not sufficiently serious to amount to falling significantly short of the standards expected of a registered teacher.

"However, when looked at collectively, and when considering the lack of insight, remorse or remediation, the panel considered that a combination of leaving pupils unsupervised with the potential for harm, and by acting in an aggressive and inappropriate fashion towards a number of colleagues on different occasions was sufficiently serious to amount to misconduct."

Ms McLaughlin was removed from the teaching register and cannot apply to be re-registered for two years.