THANK you for the change of image with regards the £10,000 payment to MPs – from being a group of SNP politicians.

I’m not a particularly political person but we need to point the finger in the correct direction.

We might not all agree with who our elected representatives are but now is not the time to create division for the sake of it. Covid-19 is the true enemy. The abhorrent allocation of this money needs to be shouted from the highest rooftop at a time where so many people are losing their jobs or life.

I’m sure a mother of multiple children stuck in a small flat with no garden or income would love a fraction of the £10,000.

Carol Brown

Via email

OVER the weekend issue,

K Tweed sent a letter criticising my defence of Catherine Calderwood because of the risk that she might have had an accident while on the road and forced paramedics to attend to her with risk of exposure.

I’m afraid the possibility of an accident is not an adequate reason to attack the former chief medical officer. Accidents can happen anywhere – indeed, it’s a fact that the majority of accidents happen in the home and they can be quite serious.

According to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents and Transport Scotland, you’re more than six times more likely to be killed in your home than while driving (in 2018 there were 1033 accidental home deaths in Scotland compared to 161 on Scottish roads).

This is likely to only get worse the longer the lockdown keeps us all cooped up indoors. If anything, Mrs Calderwood was probably in the safest place possible because our quieter roads at the moment make the possibility of a traffic accident even smaller.

It just seems that Mrs Calderwood’s punishment does not fit the (victimless) crime. She has not only lost her job – being effectively thrown in the stocks by her media monstering is likely to make her unemployable. K Tweed’s demand that she also forfeit her pension on top of that just seems vindictive.

Robert Frazer

Via email

WILL the phone companies and Scottish Power and other companies bring down their prices to help those in lockdown communicate with loved ones, and the power companies help people who cannot get to work, through no fault of their own, heat their homes?

I wonder what the answer will be.



I WISH the bickering between Scottish football clubs would end.

Now is not the time for this to be happening.

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