Ross Morrison, the chairman of Inverness Caledonian Thistle, last night revealed that Dundee had been even more vociferous in their opposition of the SPFL resolution to end the 2019/20 season early than his Highland club in the build-up to the vote on Friday.

And Morrison, whose club rejected the governing body’s proposal along with their Ladbrokes Championship rivals Partick Thistle, has stated the Dens Park outfit’s mysterious missing email and subsequent silence don’t “smell very well”.

Scottish football descended into absolute chaos on Friday evening when the SPFL revealed it was waiting on a single vote from a second tier club that would determine whether their plan was accepted or rejected.

Inverness and Partick officials were astonished when they heard because they had seen a photograph of the completed “no” form that Dundee secretary Eric Drysdale had submitted on a WhatsApp group that afternoon.

It has since emerged the SPFL told Dundee they hadn’t received the slip, that managing director John Nelms had then asked Drysdale to hold off resubmitting it and then requested that if the original email did eventually arrive it should be disregarded.

Morrison, who lives and works in the Dundee area, confessed that he was mystified by the SPFL making public how their member clubs had voted before the final outcome was known and completely baffled by the bizarre turn of events thereafter.

“I have no idea what’s going on, absolutely none whatsoever,” he said. “They (Dundee) were voting no, they were vehement in their opposition of it. Far more than we were in fact. I don’t know what went on.

“But it seems very strange that their vote goes in to the SPFL and then it is to be treated as uncast because there are 26 days left to vote. That would suggest to me that all 42 votes should therefore be considered uncast because there’s 23 or 24 days left. Can we go and uncast our vote? It is a very peculiar situation.

“They (the SPFL) should know what the proper process is. I am not going to tell them what the proper process is. But I would have thought it is not the best way of doing things in business.

“They said it should be in by 5pm on Friday. It didn’t have to be in by 5pm on Friday. But their (Dundee’s) vote was in by 5pm on Friday. Then it wasn’t. So how does that work? I don’t understand.”

It has been claimed that Dundee, who were third in the Championship and in with a chance of making the end-of-season play-offs when football was suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic last month, have held talks with SPFL board members over the weekend and could be using their position to barter over league reconstruction.

But Morrison, whose club was in second place in the second tier when the shutdown was introduced, is unsure what advantage the Tayside club can gain from the impasse.

“Is that the right way to do things?” said Morrison. “I don’t think it’s the right way of doing things. I don’t know if the SPFL think it’s the right way of doing things. How can you lobby Dundee? What do you lobby Dundee with? If they’re offered something what are they offered? I can’t imagine what. It doesn’t smell very well.

“I have met John a few times at games. It seems very strange that all of a sudden they have disappeared. They did give us their word. The boy (Drysdale) said ‘I swear it went at 4.48pm’. You think that’s it gone. If it’s gone it’s gone. It did go, but they said stop it.

“If another team go and do that can they stop that one too? Because it doesn’t have to be in for another 28 days. If this was a film nobody would believe it.”