STAFF at Tesco Bank in Glasgow who are still being asked to use the company's offices are "playing bingo and doing crosswords" due to a lack of work.

Concerned employees say they are being forced to go into work as their jobs are deemed essential but some departments are often left with nothing to do.

It has also been claimed staff at the Renfield Street offices who have raised concerns about working have been told: "If you don't like it, take unpaid leave."

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But Tesco Bank denied that allegation and said no staff have been sent home on unpaid leave due to a lack of work.

The company said it is engaging with union representatives daily and anyone working in its offices is a key worker, providing "critical banking and insurance services", who cannot fulfil their role from home.

A family member of one worker told the Glasgow Times: "They have made very little provision for people to work from home and departments have little to no work and are sitting playing bingo and doing crosswords.

"Going to work to play bingo is not essential."

They added: "They are being told by senior management to take unpaid leave."

A worker said: "Tesco Bank is still forcing non essential workers to attend work. Staff are being told 'if you don't like it, take unpaid leave'.

"Staff have been given games to play in the office during quieter phone times."

They said one staff member had nearly been in tears after she questioned a manager over social distancing measures.

However, a Tesco Bank spokesman said social distancing is being enforced in the offices, including spacing of seats, the removal of communal seating and only one person allowed in a lift at a time.

It is understood home working will be rolled out this week, with 400 workers expected to be doing their job from home by the end of April.

The spokesman said: "COVID-19 has resulted in increased demand from our customers, many of whom are in financial difficulty and require help from us at this time.

"This is why customer service employees in financial services are classed as key workers. The response from our customer service colleagues to deliver this critical service has been incredible, helping many customers who are in financial difficulty.

"We are following government guidance, including social distancing in our workplace, and have introduced a 10 per cent bonus scheme to thank our front line workers."

The company said it has been providing free food to staff in its canteen and has shortened call centre opening hours to reduce the amount of time people spend in the office.

The Glasgow Times previously reported concerns had been raised about the payment of agency staff at Tesco Bank’s Glasgow offices.

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A worker said full-time staff would receive full basic pay and a 10 per cent pay rise but agency staff, despite being ‘key’, would not get the same money.

“Permanent and agency staff are doing the same job and risking their lives equally,” they said.

Tesco Bank said if a worker is employed by an agency then their agency arrangements will apply.

A spokesman said the bonus was "only available to direct employees which means that agency workers, who we do not pay directly, are not eligible".