Glasgow bosses appear in a list of officials earning more than £150,000 in the UK according to a survey of salaries, bonuses and pension contributions.

The list published by an organisation, which calls itself the Taxpayers Alliance, lists publicly available data of salaries, expenses and pension contributions across the UK.

It says Glasgow has the highest number earning more than £150,000 from 2018/19 figures with 12 named.

However, the list for Glasgow includes six directors at the Scottish Events Campus, which the council is the main shareholder of, however salaries are not paid from public money but revenue generated from the venue’s operations.

It reveals Peter Duthie, Chief Executive of the Scottish Events Campus, topped the Glasgow list with a salary of £179,477 in 2018/19. He also received a bonus of £35,895.

With pension contributions and expenses his total was £261,000.

The boss of the Edinburgh International Conference centre, Marshall Dallas, earned a salary of £143,000 and a total package of £189,000.

Annemarie O’Donnell, Glasgow City Council, Chief Executive, is the honly council official who earned a salary more than £150,000. Her £175,000 salary with expenses and pension contributions her total listed was £215,000.

Other chief executives of large city councils around the UK earn similar salary amounts.

In Edinburgh, Andrew Kerr’s, salary was £167,000. Joanne Roney Chief Executive of Manchester Council received a salary of £205,000, Tony Reeves of Liverpool, £146,000 and Paul Orders at Cardiff Council £176,000.

The third highest salary was Graeme Paterson, Executive Director of City Building who earned £140,000.

The top five earners Glasgow City Council salary earners also includes Maureen McKenna, Director of Education on £138,326 and Bridget McConnell, Chief Executive of Culture and Sport Glasgow, with a salary of £138,161.

The survey showed that the official with the highest overall package in the UK was in North Lanarkshire, where the Chief Officer for Health and Social Care, Janice Hewitt received in total, £615,550.

It included pension payments of £350,000 and £119,000 in compensation for “loss of office” on top of her salary of £146,000.

It said the local authority with the greatest number of employees whose remuneration was more than £100,000 was Essex council with 35 employees.

The highest bonus paid to an executive was Richard Hall, managing director  of Lothian Buses, in Edinburgh, receiving a £47,817 bonus.

The Taxpayers Alliance an organisation that campaigns for lower taxes, while questioning public spending, does not reveal details of its funding.

Its states: “In total, we raised £1 million in 2019. We have over 3,000 supporters who have given us money, and thousands of others who do not, but all individual names are kept private.”

A spokesman for Glasgow City Council, said: “Every year, the Taxpayers Alliance publishes this list and every year, without fail, it is wrong.

“The listing for Glasgow City Council includes several people who do not work for the authority and are not paid from tax revenue.

“Like most councils, we routinely publish information on executive pay so it is always available to genuine taxpayers.”