I AGREE with Robert Frazer stating that Catherine Calderwood’s pension should not be affected.

However, he is missing the point with her being the Chief Medical Officer.

She was the face of the Stay At Home campaign on television. This was why she lost her job.

Saving lives by staying home is crucial to our surviving Covid-19 but we do need someone with credibility telling us that message. This was why her situation became untenable.

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I feel that Eamonn Holmes is another person who is making things harder rather than easier with this crisis.

He has apologised for his comments regarding 5G but how do we know that it didn’t maybe incite people to start burning some of the towers?

Our internet and television were both down on Easter Monday in the evening through to Tuesday morning, making things even harder.

I don’t know if there was deliberate damage but anyone who fuels that kind of thinking thinks only of their own ego.

Linda Loftus

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IT is almost unbelievable

that many politicians and “commentators” are advocating an early relaxation on the current crisis.

They are, as usual, putting economics before people’s health. If relaxation happens too early, what if we have a second wave of this virus?

We should be erring on the side of caution rather than caving into the capitalist demand for “business as usual”. This could be catastrophic. The economy will build as and when demand states that is the case.

People need to come first. If that means extending the restrictions, so be it.



I THINK it’s a disgrace the amount of break-ins that are taking place just now.

To hear that vans, cars and homes are being targeted in and around Glasgow is just disgusting.

I hope the police catch these lowlife scumbags.

This is a time to unite, not try to take advantage of people.



I ENJOYED listening to Lorraine Kelly interview Nicola Sturgeon on Wednesday morning.

I think she comes across really well and is a credit to our nation.

I just hope everyone listens to her guidance and advice to help the country.

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