Each week in Times Past, we will be sharing the memories and photos of anyone who attended a city school over the decades.

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MY SCHOOL: Growing up in Cathcart, I attended Holmlea Primary. We lived only about five minutes from the school gate but still always JUST managed to get there as the teacher was ringing the hand held bell. I remember we marched to our classes to the theme tune of Z Cars, a popular TV programme at the time, which was played on the piano by one of the older pupils - my best friend Carol’s brother Eric, in fact...

FAVOURITE TEACHER: Not sure about favourite teachers, but I do remember Miss McQueen - she was a small, stern, strict lady. She would overlook us pupils from the balcony with her arms crossed over her chest and woe betide any one out of step. Miss Boyd was a gentle, softly spoken teacher on the other hand. I remember she would let us pick out favourite colour of wool for her to teach us how to knit, usually either a scarf or a pair of socks. She let her favourite pupils pick first, so I always got the leftover dark wool rather than the brightly coloured ones. We had to use four small knitting needles for knitting the circle for the socks. (To be honest, I cannot ever remember knitting two socks as it took ages knitting one…)

Glasgow Times:

FAVOURITE SUBJECT: I always enjoyed arts and crafts at school. and still do now. I also learned how to play the recorder in music room which I did enjoy, but I was not very good at. Probably carrying on too much. The school had a netball team (I played centre position). I really enjoyed sports - in fact, our team attended Scotstoun playing fields for events and we won a few medals for our school. I carried on in a netball team in secondary school too. Every year, our school held a sports day in nearby Linn Park and our parents could attend. We showed off because they were watching, so you really tried harder. You could win a pencil or a Mars Bar.

SCHOOL DINNERS, PACKED LUNCH OR HOME? My brothers and I all went to dinner school, as that was our main meal of the day. The dinner tickets were punched every day with a wee machine. We never complained about the dinners, it was just the norm, with either mince and tatties, stew or fish and then sponge and custard.

Glasgow Times:

MY BEST FRIEND AT SCHOOL WAS … Carol Gordon. She would go home every lunchtime and return with a rosy red apple for me from her father’s fruit shop. Carol and I hit it off from the start maybe because we were the same height and a little mischievous too. I remember her mum died when we were still at primary school and that was a very sad time for her. Seeing her so sad made me feel sad too and I have always remembered that. I am still in touch with her, she lives outside Glasgow now, and we send each other Christmas cards with the occasional note inside.

IF I COULD CHANGE ONE THING ABOUT MY SCHOOLDAYS … I would take my schoolwork a little more seriously (and maybe I would have been allowed to pick the brightly coloured wool rather than just the dark stuff...)