AN UP-AND-COMING Glasgow artist has had her first television debut with BBC's drama The Nest.

Kitty Lambton, a screen-printer based in Dennistoun, was delighted to find her prints adorned the home of Martin Compson's character in the tense BBC drama.

She was approached by production designer Mark Leese who had seen her work on the walls of Tibo Bistro in Dennistoun.

Glasgow Times:

Kitty said: "I think it shows real attention to detail that the BBC chose to use Scottish artists in the series.

"I’m hugely proud to have my first appearance on screen in something that gives such a real and authentic insight into Glaswegian culture.

"The reception has been delightful."

Glasgow Times:

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Mark Leese, production designer for The Nest, said he "loved Kitty's work".

Mark said: "We design the set to capture the mood of the characters.

Glasgow Times:

"The house had lots of eggs and birds, to go with the theme of The Nest.

"Kitty's work is fresh, vibrant and colourful, but it also worked perfectly with that theme.

"We used the work of Timorous Beasties too, and had an 8 foot wallpaper mural in the set. It took a good few months to build.

"It's cool to use local work but we also wanted to use the best stuff.

"It's great to spread art around and give everyone a chance."