THE LORD PROVOST Phil Braat joined local Councillors John Letford and Franny Scally delivering meals with the kids from the G20 Youth Festival in Maryhill.

Following on from The Glasgow Times report that Maryhill's young people had been delivering meals to vulnerable and isolated Glaswegians, the Lord Provost took up their invitation to go on a delivery run.

The G20 Youth Festival, the group who delivers the food, has been bolstered by high donations over the weekend. The Maryhill Women's Centre donated £1000 and constituent Brian Evans donated £500 to the project.

The Lord Provost said he was "delighted" with donations from the local community.

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Delivering a meal of Southern fried chicken, rice and fruit, the Lord Provost added: "The young people of the G20 Youth Festival are a credit to the city and I am delighted to join them on a delivery run.

"I am also delighted that my constituent, Mr Brian Evans, has donated £500 to the project, after becoming aware of the great work being carried out here in Maryhill. This means they are halfway to their £4000 target.

"As Lord Provost, I have been reaching out to community groups and charities, offering to help with food deliveries, linking groups to each other and making pleas to the business community.

"I congratulate the young people of the G20 and hope that their fundraising means that more meals can be delivered by Maryhill's young people."

Glasgow Times:

Project Leader, Emily Cutts welcomed the £500 donation: "This kind donation will go towards upgrading the kitchen in our youth club, and help us to cook food for more people in Maryhill during the COVID-19 crisis.

"The G20 young people are giving back to their community by delivering meals to people who are self isolating and they are working hard to make sure the most vulnerable are fed.

"This funding will help to support our young people to help the community during this challenging time. The G20 young people hope to carry on helping the community beyond the COVD-19 crisis and having the right kitchen equipment will help them to do this."

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Councillors in the area have been working hard to shine a light on the work performed by young people in the community.

Welcoming the Lord Provost to Maryhill, Councillor Letford said: "The Lord Provost has been exceptional during this crisis, even arranging for the delivery of soap to our needy and isolated in the high flats. To also source a donation of £500 and take time out to deliver food, shows that Glasgow, as always, stands with her people.

Glasgow Times:

"The G20 kids in Maryhill are exceptional and make us all proud. But, as the lockdown is extended, we see more and more vulnerable Glaswegians beginning to struggle. Our delivery list grows daily, personal savings are running out and 80% of wages are stretching family budgets to breaking point. The longer this goes on, the more vital local projects like the G20 Youth Festival become."