Nicola Sturgeon has told football fans not to expect matches to resume "any time soon”.

She said that it is likely that social distancing measures will be required until a vaccine is ready and that mass gatherings will continue to be affected.

The lower leagues in Scotland have been ended but a decision has yet to be taken about ending the Premiership and Scottish Cup this season, with hope it can still be completed.

The First Minister said that she can’t give dates or timescales when certain measures could be lifted as it would give a false expectation.

Ms Sturgeon said: “People shouldn’t be under any expectation large scale mass gatherings will be starting any time soon.

She added: “Some form of social distancing is going to be required up to a point where a vaccine is available.”

She said we cannot risk a resurgence of the virus.

Ms Sturgeon added: “I know that is not good news for the majority of people who sport part of life and our culture. It would be wrong to give false presumptions about football matches.”

She also said that there was an issue with playing matches behind closed doors and television them as people could gather together to watch.