IF they opened the testing facility at Glasgow Airport to not just include NHS workers but all frontline workers, including supermarket staff etc, then it would be getting used (‘Scandal’ as Glasgow Airport facility ‘sends home staff’ due to lack of testing, Glasgow Times online).

I’d be the first sending my hubby over for a test as he works in Asda.

Naomi Tabor

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IN your story regarding NHS staff bank (Monday) you imply it is made up of fully trained NHS workers as their sole job.

In a few cases this might be true but the majority of bank staff are in full-time employment within the NHS.

This is due to the removal of overtime payment to all nursing staff and being told that to earn extra income all nursing staff would have to join the staff bank.

Due to the pay freeze, then pay cap, on nursing staff pay rises, we are having to rely more and more on NHS bank shifts to earn a living wage each month.

Due to this situation during these difficult times, I find it quite insulting that each Thursday the Government are getting the general public to clap for carers.

Mark McNulty

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GIVEN Covid-19, it is utter madness driven by misplaced ideology that sees the UK Government pushing blindly towards ending the Brexit transition period at the end of this year.

The impact on the Scottish economy of Covid-19 will be devastating, and combined with the growing likelihood of a No Deal, or at best a hard Brexit deal, this course of action seems utterly nonsensical and highly irresponsible.

Under the terms of the Withdrawal Agreement the transition period may be extended by mutual agreement, by up to two years, if the UK requests an extension before June 30 this year.

All attention should be focused on dealing with the pandemic and an extension sought, avoiding unavoidable damage to jobs, wellbeing and the economy.

Alex Orr

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LEEANN DEMPSTER is absolutely correct, a meteor is about to hit Scottish football, which means all talk of playing out the season and league reconstruction, should end, today.

Despite everyone wishing games to be played, calling the season now, and finishing with clubs in their current positions, should be the easy decision. Doing so will also end talk of league reconstruction, for now.

Peter Kelly

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