WET WET WET singer Marti Pellow has performed a song in tribute to carers who are raising money for personal protection equipment (PPE) in his hometown of Clydebank.

The star, who recently turned 55, showcased his vocals in a stunning rendition of the 1987 hit Angel Eyes on Twitter. 

The performance is one of several he has done in recent days in a bid to pay tribute to those working on the frontline of the coronavirus pandemic. 

He said: "I can't believe how much you seem to be enjoying these wee sing songs of mine and the feedback I am getting is absolutely...it is fantastic.

"I have been asked by a couple of Bankie girls, that is close to me because obviously I am from Clydebank. 

"They are raising some money for essential PPE for the home care workers in the care homes and the NHS.

"They wanted a wee name check too....Anne Henderson, Jacqui Mersey, Karen Mersey, Liz McGoldrick, and Nicola Grieve who are raising some money to help and that is what it's all about."

He added: "You seem to be asking a lot for Angel Eyes so why not?"

Pellow grew up in Clydebank before he quit Scotland 20 years ago for a new life in Windsor. 

The singer is now writing a new stage musical with his long-term music collaborator and producer Grant Mitchell, along with leading theatre dramaturge and playwright, Jack Bradley.

We previously revealed he quit Wet Wet Wet after 30 years of hits. The band still performs with former Liberty X singer Kevin Simm. 

The carers have raised almost £3000 and you can donate here


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