A SEVEN-YEAR-OLD girl has become an online sensation after her videos as Glasgow characters have gone viral.

Krista Smillie, from Blantyre, stunned thousands with her hilarious adaption of Barry Manilow's Copacabana, complete with changed lyrics to give lockdown advice.

The video even reached the National Clinical Director of the NHS Jason Leitch, who tweeted in response to the video: "Never mind any Government press conferences. This is the update you need."

Krista's mother, Carolann, told The Glasgow Times the inspiration came from Krista wanting to keep in touch with her school friends from St. Joseph's Primary in Blantyre.

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Carolann said: "We started our own lockdown before the official lockdown, and the idea came about because Krista still wanted to talk to her friends.

"We thought it would be a good idea to start making videos. Krista loves to make people smile and the best way to make everybody happy was to do silly things.

"We give Kirsta free reign, obviously within reason, and the character that came about are all her idea."

Although primary-three pupil Krista has a host of characters she plays in her videos, the character 'Winnie Fae Pollok' and her pal Agnes has by far captured the nation's hearts.

She even has raised some money, with £655 raised for the NHS.

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Many have speculated 'Winnie' is based on Isa from Still Game, but Carolann says Winnie is a collaboration between Krista and family pal, Lorraine.

Carolann added: "We thought it was better if the character was an older woman.

"The videos are a family effort.

Myself and Krista's dad, Garry, her Aunt and Uncle and our friend Lorraine help to write the lyrics but Krista makes the songs her own with the characters.

"It's a bit of fun and she does all the faces and puts her own spin on the characters."

Krista, who is a junior member of GAMPTA, has had a confidence boost and hopes one day to be an actress - as well as a vet.

Carolann added: "Krista is full of life and imagination.

"She is so emotionally switched on and even watches the news.

"She keeps us all going."