AN adorable fox cub has been rescued after getting stuck down a hole filling with water at the King George V Docks near Govan.

And he was helped saved by a police officer - named PC Fox. 

The animal welfare charity, the Scottish SPCA, were alerted to the incident after police officers saw a gathering of people near to the docks in Govan.

The group were rescuing the cub from a hole it had fallen down, whic had filled with water.

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Scottish SPCA senior animal rescue officer Jan Toraman said, “Thankfully the cub was spotted by members of the public and it was lucky PC Fox and his colleague happened to be passing by.

“The female cub was immersed in water and was unable to get herself out of the hole.

T'he members of the public rescued the young animal and handed her over in to the capable hands of PC Fox.

“PC Fox transported the cub to Govan Police Station where he kept her warm by wrapping her in a towel.

“When we arrived, she was still cold and damp but if she hadn’t been rescued, she probably wouldn’t have made it.

“We immediately transferred her to our National Wildlife Rescue Centre where she is receiving the care she needs.”

The rescue comes off the back of the launch of the Scottish SPCA’s #WildlifeWise campaign which educates the public on when to leave baby animals alone in the wild and when to phone its animal helpline.

Last year, the society cared for 50 fox cubs and so far this year have 24 in their care with this new addition.

PC Robert Fox said: "My partner PC Cavanagh and I were pleased to be able to play our part in helping rescue the cub.

"She certainly helped put a smile on everybody's face at the office while we waited for the Scottish SPCA and it is good to hear she is doing well."

The Scottish SPCA animal helpline is open from 7am-9pm every day and can be reached on 03000 999 999. To find out more, about the campaign visit here.


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