A BID to renew planning applications for student accommodation and a roof terrace in Merchant City has been rejected by the community council.

Merchant City and Trongate Community Council have objected to the main application to build student accommodation for 169 students on the site of St Margaret’s Place, Mart Street and Jocelyn Square, and a second application to construct a roof terrace.

Merchant City residents are unhappy the building will 'overshadow' their homes, and the roof terrace will allow peeping toms to look directly into bedroom and living room windows.

Concerns have also been expressed by the intended proximity of the accommodation would have to the Glasgow High Court.

Police Scotland have also submitted an objection to the roof terrace.

They wrote it “will potentially compromise security of any productions" such as "criminal case evidence for producing in Court"or staff or operations "being transported or undertaken within the rear yard and then into the building”.

The Glasgow Times understands today is the last day for council representation on the application bid.

Dr Duncan MacLaren, chair of the MCTCC told The Glasgow Times: “Community Councils exist to guarantee the wellbeing of the residents of its area and ensure that future developments encourage a permanent population, especially of families who will create real community.

"As the City Development Plan recognises, the City Centre is already at saturation point with the construction of student accommodation.

"This application flies in the face of a development plan which the City Councillors have endorsed."

Dr MacLaren added: "The construction of a roof terrace for students will remove all residents’ privacy as it will look into their living rooms and bedrooms.

"The police have also complained because it will be a security threat to their building in the Saltmarket and to the High Court.

"We ask that the two applications, for the sake of our community in this historic part of Glasgow, be refused”.

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