SMITTEN Paige Turley has been feeding her hunky Love Island boyfriend Finn Tapp with the finest of Scottish cuisine while in lockdown - and it seems he can’t get enough of haggis.

The bubbly Scot, 22, revealed that her other half has revelled in eating the savory pudding which is a tradition on Burns Night.

Finn, who won the reality show with West Lothian lass Paige earlier this year, moved up to Scotland to spend lockdown with his new beau and her family.

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Paige laughed: “He loves haggis. He literally loves haggis. Every time my mum does the shop she has to bulk buy haggis and square sausage.”

Haggis isn’t the only aspect of Scottish culture that Finn has embraced.

As Paige revealed he has been getting to grips with our native tongue and even watching old episodes of the BBC hit comedy Still Game.

She said with a smile: “I don’t know if you have seen some of the stuff on Instagram.

“I find it is comical between Finn and I. There are words which I didn’t realise were Scottish until I have said them to Finn – and he is like what are you talking about?

“We discovered he didn’t know what a piece was. He was like it is a sandwich.

“Stuff like that is comical and I will put it on my Instagram – and the reactions from fellow Scottish people is so nice.”

She added: “One day we were watching Still Game and Finn shared, ‘Geez a box of your Curly Wurlys’ - and the reaction he got from other Scottish people – it is nice.”

The professional singer won ITV’s Winter Love Island this year where she was a firm favourite with the public from the start due to her Scottish humour and fiercely loyal personality.

Prior to the show, the blonde beauty worked hard as a singer making her debut on Britain’s Got Talent in 2012 when she was just 14.

She reached the semi-finals after she wowed the audience with her powerful voice and received praise from all of the judges.

Since then, she has been performing at independent gigs and is a regular at open-mic nights across Scotland.

She supported her ambitions to become a singer by working hard as a retail assistant in plush designer streetwear store Forty Clothing which is based in Royal Exchange Square.

She said: “I worked in Forty Clothing for about two years. I just love Glasgow. I think it will always be a place that I would quite like to move to.

“The people are nice. I was saying to Finn that when you get into a taxi in Glasgow you have a full-blown conversation with the driver. It is comical, everyone talks to you.

“You will make so many friends in Glasgow. I love the city.”

Glasgow Times:

Having grafted her way in retail and to the top of reality TV, Paige is hoping to turn her attention to her first love music - and has even hinted that she may be coming out with material with a commercial pop sound.

She cautioned: “I don’t know how much I am able to say.

“Singing has always been a passion since I have been young.

“It has been nice to reflect on everything that has happened in the past year during lockdown.

“It’s been good to get pen to paper so I think there will be music happening again.”

One person she will no doubt be able to get advice from is former beau Lewis Capaldi who has taken the world by storm with his love ballads.

It was previously hinted that his hit Someone You Loved was about Paige before Lewis claimed it was actually dedicated to his gran.

But love songs aside, it seems that the pair are still on good terms.

“Lewis and I are still good pals,” she said.

She continued: “I think Lewis and I have very dry humour.

“We are sarcastic and say stuff which I think when it is written in black and white it is taken out of context.

“For me, it is comical because I know how Lewis is and I think if anyone had seen Lewis’ stuff they know it is his patter.”

From past to future loves, Paige admits that she and Finn seem to be handling lockdown well.

She said: “We have been quite lucky the last couple of days we have had the sun. We have been in the back garden.

“We have been trying to keep fit and be conscious of what we have eaten. The first couple of days we found that we just sat on the couch eating pot noodles and being lazy.

“But now we have been trying to say as active as we can using our one hour a day outside.”

She added: “I am thankful that Finn and I are in this together.

“Before this, I actually did hot yoga which I did every Wednesday in Glasgow. I have introduced Finn to yoga as well which is really good. It is nice to have that half an hour of zen to bring you back down again.

“Everyone is in this together, there is light at the end of the tunnel. It is important that everyone stays safe the now and we will get through it.”

And after lockdown? “I have said drinks and Finn said dinner so it will be dinner and drinks – we are getting dressed up and going out basically.”

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