WHEN the sun shines, Glasgow goes to town.

Sunny days in the city bring a smile to everyone’s faces – even in these difficult times, the weather has helped to lift our spirits.

Many of our readers have memories of happy times in the sunshine in Glasgow’s green spaces – why not send us yours?

All Our Yesterdays would love to see your photographs and hear your stories of high days and holidays both here in the city and ‘doon the watter’ through the decades.

Glasgow Times:

Send your Glasgow memories to ann.fotheringham@glasgowtimes.co.uk or write to Ann Fotheringham, Glasgow Times, 200 Renfield Street, Glasgow G2 3QB.

One reader, who wished to remain anonymous, sent us a wonderful, tongue-in-cheek poem all about Glasgow in a heatwave.

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He wrote: “Oh! There’s a heatwave heading for Glasgow/They’ll hiv deckchairs oot in George Square/It may not last very long, so please no mankinis or thongs, we don’t want to frighten the dugs.

Glasgow Times:

Pic: G C McColl from Partick Camera Club. Courtesy of Glasgow Life.

“Oh! There’s a heatwave heading for Glasgow/ I’ll be heading doon tae the green/Wi’ thoosands lying there, no’ an inch tae spare/ ‘excuse me hen, wid you mind if l try tae squeeze in?

“Oh! There’s a heatwave heading for Glasgow an they’ve ordered ice cream by the ton/And oceans and oceans of 50 plus lotion/in case we get burnt tae a crisp.

“I’ve jist heard the news on the wireless/The heatwave wis aw a big joke/It stopped at Carlisle and I’ll be there a while/Wid that no gie ye the boak?”