A GOLF club has asked people to be respectful of the green after workers discovered various acts of vandalism in recent weeks.

Crow Wood Golf Club in Muirhead, near Glasgow, claim they have discovered rubbish on fire and cycle marks on the normally pristine green - despite the current lockdown rules.

But the two remaining staff at the club, which usually runs with six employees, have been left to clean up the mess.

Glasgow Times:

Course manager Ali Graham said: "It is most days it is happening to be honest.

"We are here during the day doing what we have to do - and when we come in the next day there is always something.

"There has just been a massive influx of dog walkers and people on bikes I think because they have maybe shut parks, they are using this."

He explained that some people have even been sunbathing in the bunkers or playing football on the greens.

He said: "The greens are hard to upkeep so that is our main concern.

"We are asking people to respect the greens, this is our jobs and we are out here working."

Glasgow Times:

He added: "We spend a lot of money on our greens. The greens need a lot of care and it is not helping when the public is cycling or playing football on them."

The golf club has been closed since lockdown rules came into play.

Two staff have remained working at the golf course to keep up with the essential cutting needed to maintain the green.

Glasgow Times:

Ali added that he was grateful to club members who have continued to show support through paying their memberships.

He said: "It is quite difficult financially for a lot of people but we have had our members continue their membership.

"That helps us keep going and we have been lucky that they have stood by us."


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