The number of deaths from dementia has almost doubled, compared to the average, since the coronavirus lockdown.

New figures show that in one week there were more than 100 extra deaths from dementia than is normal for the time of year.

There were also more cancer and heart and stroke deaths but the numbers for dementia were far higher.

For the last week available, up to April 20, there were 196 deaths attributed to dementia/Alzheimer’s were the average is 113, an extra 86.

The week before the number was even higher when 215 deaths were recorded, an extra 102 above the average.

Dementia campaigners are concerned that there are more deaths and said it warrants further investigation.

Alzheimer’s Scotland said that it was important that carers either in a care home or at home still seek medical attention through the coronavirus pandemic.

Henry Simmons, Alzheimer Scotland’s Chief Executive said: “The statistics released today clearly show that there is an increase in the numbers of people dying in Scotland which is not fully explained by coronavirus.

“A significant number of those excess deaths were people with Alzheimer’s Disease or other types of dementia.

Many other people will be living in the later stages of the illness with extremely high levels of health care needs and many of these will be living at home with their family or in a Care Home.

Therefore this significant increase in the numbers of people with dementia that have died needs further investigation.”