GLASGOW Central Mosque has announced plans to help those in need during Ramadan, including helping to feed NHS staff.

Irfan Razzaq, General Secretary of Glasgow Central Mosque, spoke of how while the holy month may be difficult for some in lockdown, the mosque is still helping in the community.

He said: "We have two large kitchens and we thought 'Why not use these?'

"We cook three times a week and people are able to come and collect from us, all while maintaining social distancing.

"We are also making food and delivering to Queen Elizabeth University Hospital and the Royal Infirmary, to all staff, we don't discriminate"

The mosque will also offer a weekly shopping box to anyone in a vulnerable position, saying that there will be no questions about anyone's situation to remove any stigma.

"You could be on universal credit, furlough, lost your job, self-employed, we won't ask because we know a lot of people will not want to tell others this.

"We want to remove the stigma, everyone is in a similar situation right now so all we need is a phone call and we can deliver a box free of charge."

For many Muslims, celebrating Ramadan, which began on Thrusday 23 April, in lockdown will be a difficult feat, with Ifran telling of how many members of the mosque feel more spiritual during this time.

"Ramadan is a time of reflection, with many feeling a need of having to come to mosque.

"With the mosque now closed, people aren't able to visit, but by doing charity work and community outreach, it allows people to use the time for reflection.

"People will be praying at home and we've also launched like Q&As on social media so people still feel connected to the mosque.

"We believe these times are tests from god, a test of patience and resilience , so we can reflect on that during this lockdown."