Openreach engineers were rushed to the Cranhill area on Thursday evening after mindless vandals melted communication cables affecting 500 local homes and businesses.

Lids were removed from two footway boxes on Springboig Avenue and flammable liquid was pored over the cables before they were set alight. 

The company have now said they are working to repair the lines and hope to have up to 70 per cent of them reinstalled by this evening. 

The Scottish Openreach director has slammed the attack, describing it was "mindless" as it meant that workers had to congregate on the street to conduct the repairs.

Glasgow Times:

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He said: “This was a mindless attack deliberately committed to cause disruption to people’s services.

“It was done with absolutely no consideration for the potential impact on residents - who may well include vulnerable or elderly residents, businesses trying to keep going during the lockdown and families juggling work and home schooling. We’d ask anyone with information to contact the police.

“Our frontline engineers in Scotland are designated as key workers, and they are on the case working on repairs. Unfortunately this means additional people and vehicles congregating in the area.

"The repairs are extremely challenging bearing in mind current restrictions. We’re taking precautions to keep our people and residents safe.

“We hope to have services restored to 60-70 per cent of those affected tonight. The remainder of the work is more complex and is likely to last into the weekend.”

Glasgow Times:

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Openreach said they have seen a recent increase in incidents – including a small number in Scotland – where engineers have been subjected to mindless verbal abuse or intimidation, either because they’re at work on the streets or linked to bogus theories about a link between 5G and Covid-19.