DARNLEY runners used exercise time to help lift the spirits of local kids – by dressing up as Spiderman and Superman while making their way through the estate. 

Aileen Lynas, 39, from the Glenmill estate in Darnley, told of how she was inspired by another post on a community Facebook page to dress up in costume while out for the run. 

She said: “We saw the post and I thought, ‘That’s what we should do’. So we ordered the costumes and got to work.”

Aileen and fellow runner Finola covered the entire estate while out on their run, making sure every child was able to catch a glimpse of the masked superheroes. 

Aileen said: “We advertised we were doing it on the local Facebook page first, to make sure that everyone knew what we were doing.

“We wanted to make sure that every kid on the estate could see us so there were none left out.”

With B&Q Darnley a stone’s throw away, Aileen and Finola even entertain click-and-collect customers waiting in the car park, as well as giving staff a good chuckle. 

“We ran past B&Q and we saw all the customers and staff, they were taking pictures and posted them on the page later that night.

“It’s just a bit of a laugh, mostly to keep the kids entertained.”

While the kids got a kick out of seeing their favourite superheroes, she told of how they were still all aware of the rules in place during lockdown. 

“There was clapping and cheering, everyone was brilliant, but obviously no high fives from the kids. 

“That’s why we wanted to advertise beforehand, so everyone could let them know the rules, but the kids were great!”

The duo are planning on continuing the runs, with the second taking place yesterday in the nearby South Park estate – although Aileen’s costume may be a hindrance with the recent spate of warm weather. 

“The weather has been great so I hope it keeps up for us but it’s a nightmare with the Spiderman costume. 

“Running in it in warm weather is quite claustrophobic so there might be other characters soon.”