PERHAPS we should wait until we have achieved the same level of containment of the virus as Germany before we think about restarting football (How German football intends to restart next week – and what the Scottish game can learn from their masterplan, Monday).

John Graham

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I LOVE watching the Bundesliga; it is the best league in the world by quite a margin.

I have to say, I’d love to have some footie on the telly.

Derek Miller

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AND what happens when they’re all running round the pitch, breathing heavily, bumping into each other, wrestling with each other to win the ball.

The level of physical proximity and contact during the game makes a nonsense of the other concepts of separate showers, buses, no handshakes, etc.

James Fish

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SILENT buses will cause a lot of accidents involving pedestrians (Plan to put hundreds of ‘carbon free’ buses on Glasgow’s roads, Monday).

Ronnie Simpson

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I SEE that it was reported that Nicola Sturgeon missed six Covid summits (emergency Cobra meetings on the outbreak of Covid-19).

Yet it is reported that the SNP’s Westminster leader Ian Blackford described Boris Johnson’s failure to attend five Cobra meetings as “JAW-DROPPING NEGLIGENCE”.

So maybe Mr Blackford would like to comment on Nicola Sturgeon’s failure to attend six meetings as reported in the press – I will not hold my breath.

Jim Tees

Via email

WELL done to all the supermarket workers who are continuing to work during the coronavirus pandemic.

I’m always lifted by how cheery the staff are, despite what’s

going on in the world currently.

Keep up the good work.



IT is very apparent that we are heading into a significant global recession, that will create real hardship in our communities (First Minister calls for changes as latest figures released, Glasgow Times online).

We need to lift the lockdown now as what is coming will pale into what Covid is doing.

Andrew Burns

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