RECKLESS and randy Glaswegians are flouting lockdown laws to meet up with strangers for sex.

A Glasgow Times investigation found dozens of online listings of individuals either offering cash rewards for “fun” or even soliciting themselves for sex.

In almost every occasion, those posting the adverts on the American classifieds site Craigslist make the offer to either travel to the stranger’s accommodation or host them themselves, in clear contradiction of social distancing laws surrounding the coronavirus.

Last year, the site revealed it used “custom-build filters’ to screen posts using words like “sex”.

But several manage to get past the filter, using phrases like “fun”, “good company” or “arrangements”.

Glasgow Times:

Under social distancing guidelines, couples who do not live together should not be meeting during the current stage of the UK response to the virus.

Currently members of the public are only allowed outside their homes for one bit of exercise per day, to make essential journeys for groceries, medicines, to help a vulnerable person or go to essential work.

Police Scotland say that “for those involved in prostitution, either buying or selling sex, this advice remains the same”.

They warn that for those continuing to flout the rules and putting others at risk, enforcement powers will be used – including fines.

Posting on the "services", "temporary jobs" and "community" pages of the Glasgow Craigslist, however, a number of people are ignoring the advice – putting themselves and others at risk of infection.

On one listing, a woman was openly revealing she was putting her partner at risk of transmission with “no-strings attached” hook-ups.

She said: “I’m a girl available for meets, phone and text sex chat and up for requests.

“When contacting me, my boyfriend will be near me so do not mention Craigslist.

“Discretion is very important. Let’s arrange a naughty meet, no strings attached.”

In a separate advert, a reckless man wrote: “I’m looking for the service of a female.

“I know it’s lockdown, but I happen to be passing through Glasgow on Wednesday and was wondering if any nice young slim females are available to meet?”

Another listing showed a man looking for a younger woman to meet.

He wrote: “I’m a single guy, looking for female company under the age of 24.

“Get in touch and we can see about making sure this lockdown goes smoothly for you.”

Under a picture of a topless woman, another man listed: “I’m looking for any females that fancy going for a ride in my car.”

One brazen female, aged 20, had a full price list of the services she was offering to the public.

She said she was “willing to travel” to the customer’s home, or meet in their car.

And, referencing the coronavirus, said she was “hygienic” and “disease free”, but later joked “I hope you catch corona”.

Glasgow Times:

On another advert, one seedy man in the West End said: “Any females available tonight? I have a comfortable flat near Byres Road.

“I will reward you for your visit”.

And one male, aged 61, asked for a “female over 18” for what he described as “mutual fun”.

Megara Furie, a Glasgow-based dominatrix and union rep for sex workers, sad it is time to put measures in place to support the adult industry.

She said: “As an adult industry worker with no access to income protection insurance I can understand the fear of financial insecurity.

“However, knowing how difficult it can be to accurately trace contacts (with most clients worried about discretion for many reasons including pervasive stigma), I can’t condone anyone in any industry partying, flouting rules or working during lockdown putting public health at risk.

“However I am mature enough to realise the actions of a few don’t represent the whole.

“The vast majority have moved their work online and are staunchly firm and vocal about refusing face to face bookings.

“As a result the online industry

is thriving. One of the only industries which is.”

Glasgow Times:

Furie added: “There are self-employed people across all industries doing jobs on the fly.

“This does not make any of it right and is not me trying to deflect attention, just zooming out a bit.

“Perhaps rather than point and yell bad, it’s time to have a conversation about the legitimacy of working in the adult industry and putting measures in place to remove barriers to moving on from the industry, such as including this type of work in the discrimination act.”

In Scotland, prostitution itself is legal, but associated activities such as public solicitation, operating a brothel or other forms of pimping are criminal offences.

When approached with evidence of people flouting the lockdown for sex hook-ups, Detective Superintendent Fil Capaldi from Police Scotland’s Public Protection Unit, said: “People are being instructed to stay at home and to follow government guidance on physical distancing to protect the NHS and save lives.

“Our officers are out on patrol 24 hours a day and will engage with people to explain the legislation and encourage them to stay at home.

“If people continue to defy what is very clear advice, we will use our enforcement powers as a last resort.

“For those involved in prostitution, either buying or selling sex, this advice remains the same.”

Glasgow Times: Detective Superintendent Fil CapaldiDetective Superintendent Fil Capaldi

He added: “Please follow the very clear instruction on physical distancing.

“This is for your safety as well as the safety of those closest to you and the wider community.

“Help is available from a range of organisations who can provide advice and support. Contact them, don’t put yourself or others at risk.”

From the date COVID-19 legislation was passed until April 24, officers made 78 arrests, issuing 1637 fines