I TOTALLY agree as a frontline worker who is working 12-hour shifts that restrictions should have been tougher to start with.

The minute people were allowed out for exercise they all jumped on the bandwagon and abused the situation.

This is all about keeping as many people as possible safe, but there seems to be more people outside than there is in.

This will only keep this lockdown going on much longer.

Ann McCloy

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IT is a must that the police arrest the stupid brainless scumbags who did this and throw them in jail where they belong, these idiot scumbags do not belong on our planet at all (‘Fuming and shaking with anger’: AXM’s defibrillator found smashed to pieces, Tuesday).

Alan Hall

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WHAT is the risk from collecting garden waste (Plea to residents burning garden waste in ‘increasingly hazardous’ bonfires while bin collections are suspended, Tuesday)?

Normal and recycling bins are back in operation, why not garden waste?

Andrew Burns

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I DON’T understand why the governing bodies for football in Scotland and England can’t just award the league titles to Celtic and Liverpool now.

There’s more to life than football and there’s no point playing games behind closed doors to finish the season. Let’s just end it now and stop all the bickering.



I THINK the schools should be allowed to reopen as soon as possible.

This delay is just atrocious and not doing anyone any good.

J Miller

East End

I’M disgusted at how slow some of the major travel companies have been at issuing refunds to customers.

They are quick enough to take the money out your bank account but when you ask for a refund as you are not receiving what you paid for, there is just silence.

I hope customers remember the way they have been treated when it comes to holidays in the future after lockdown ends.

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I’VE never so many people out walking – did no-one know how to do this before the country went into lockdown?

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