A large military plane has been spotted circling over Glasgow. 

The unmarked grey aircraft was seen over Glasgow Airport and in various locations around the city. 

It was easily spotted because the skies are quiet just now due to the coronavirus lockdown. 

"I saw an aeroplane do three large loops around Glasgow just after a plane that had 'Kuwait' written on it took off today," one reader told us in an email. 

The Kuwait plane is likely to have been a repatriation flight. A similar plane took off yesterday. 

Some people claimed to have seen several planes taking off from Glasgow Airport. 

On Twitter, one observer wrote: "Fourth massive unmarked cargo plane into Glasgow airport just passed over.

"I'm not a plane person so don't know the model, but would describe as a 'durty great big grey plane'."

Another Twitter user added: "I saw a cargo plane coming in to land at Glasgow Airport today and last minute it started to climb again and then seemed to change direction a few times then fly off. Maybe they’re all having funny turns."

Earlier this month, we revealed that Glasgow residents had reported several sightings of helicopters over the city, prompting fears they are being used to enforce social distancing. 

However, whilst the helicopter flight sightings have still not been explained, we can reveal why the plane was out today. 

It launched from RAF Brize Norton in Oxfordshire and was carrying out a training mission. 

"This afternoon, our A400M aircraft will be operating in the vicinity of Newcastle, Glasgow and Waddington, whilst engaged in essential training," the RAF base tweeted. 

"These are necessary, routine, flights and not connected with RAF support to the UK's fight against coronavirus."