Jim Tees should check his facts before jumping in with both feet and looking foolish.

Nicola Sturgeon attended the first two Cobra meetings.

Arrangements were then made for the First Minister to front the daily briefing sessions and subsequent Cobra meetings were represented by an executive member of the Scottish Government.

So you see, there are no comparisons with Johnston missing vital meetings simply because he likes to work part time.



AS a heart failure patient I will only say I hope the person is proud of his stupid vandalism, what a fool they are (‘Fuming and shaking with anger’: AXM’s defibrillator found smashed to pieces, Tuesday).

Ronnie Foster

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ALL efforts must be focused on finding who did this.

Once caught , as well as the might of the law being thrown at them, and on being found guilty then release their photograph and name & shame them. Let the world know how much of a scumbag they really are.

As these people don’t respect our society then they don’t deserve to be treated with dignity & respect .

As has been mentioned I’d be flabbergasted if cctv pictures are not available especially as we’re in a ‘ lockdown’ period, not too many suspects walking about the area.

William Smith

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