THE takeover of a struggling shopping centre is being touted as a chance to breathe new life into the area.

But not all locals are happy that Scotland’s largest hospitality chain, the G1 Group, has taken over Braes Shopping Centre.

Stefan King’s company has said it is “committed to the regeneration” of the Castlemilk hub.

Chris Lang, chairman of the Castlemilk Community Council, is among those delighted at the news.

Mr Lang said: “For us, it is a big opportunity to really improve the shopping centre and we want to ­engage with G1.

“No-one else was going to buy it and it had been suffering because of this. They are the ones who have stepped in and who wanted to buy it.

“It is only going to be beneficial for them to improve the centre and this improves it for everyone in Castlemilk.”

The G1 Group currently owns various restaurants and bars in Glasgow including The Corinthian Club.

It also owns One O One off licences, including one in The Braes.

One of the major concerns raised by locals is the future of the post office inside the shopping centre, which the Glasgow Times understands was due to cease operating later this month and had been planned since before G1 completed their takeover.

G1 said it has secured the long-term future of the post office, but members of Women Against ­Capitalism, who launched a petition to save it, are asking for more consultation with the local community.

Member Cathy Milligan said: “We can’t speak for the whole of Castlemilk, but we have launched the petition asking for the post office to be protected and for the local community to be consulted.

“We’re only asking for basic things and I am very concerned about the G1 Group. But, the ­biggest concern for the people of Castlemilk is they have a functioning shopping centre.

“Whether Stefan King and the G1 Group are the answer, I remain sceptical on that.

“The post office is a vital part of the community and it is in a central part of Castlemilk, doing so much for so many people.

“We just want to see the people of Castlemilk get the shopping centre they deserve.”

A spokeswoman for the G1 Group confirmed a new post office facility is due to open in June.

She added: “Regarding G1’s plans for the centre and our level of consultation; prior to lockdown we had sessions with all of the relevant councillors who represent the constituents of Castlemilk.

“We also requested a meeting with representatives of the Castlemilk community. This was not only to help us determine how we could best serve those people, but also to gain their insight and support as we moved into the development stages of planning for the site.

“In terms of progress and timing the world is obviously a very different place now to what it was several months ago when we purchased the site. We want to reiterate that we remain steadfast in our commitment to invest and to bring to it in time a fresh and much needed selection of retailers from all sectors.”