THE brainless idiot scumbags who did this must be caught as soon as and thrown in jail for a very long time (Popular West End restaurant trashed by vandals in overnight raid, Glasgow Times online).

They do not even belong on our planet, and we don’t want them on our planet at all.

Alan Hall

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SENTENCES must be increased as there is no deterrent at present for law breakers.

John McLeod

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THIS virus is going nowhere.

It’s here and here for good. We need to learn to live with it (Coronavirus lockdown ‘will not be reduced on May 7’, Nicola Sturgeon suggests, Glasgow Times online).

If we all wash hands, cover mouths and sneeze in to hankies etc, we have a good chance of stopping the spread. Yes the roads are busier, but who knows why people are out.

Key workers following the rules travelling in single cars, going for shopping on your own – it’s not rocket science.

We can’t live like this forever, there needs to be some form of hope. Anyone who wants to live like this with major restrictions is mental.

Stewart Thriepland

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SURELY something can be eased?

What happened to the bubble of 10 that was talked about the other week?

Why give people some hope then take it away? We’ve had our freedom stripped from all of us.

I think the people that have stuck to this lockdown for the last six weeks deserve something.

Linda Reilly

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PEOPLE who are out aren’t all

out to break the rules.

Collecting prescriptions, buying food and daily exercise is all allowed within reason.

Naturally there will always be those who break the rules on socialising.

But we can only play our part and let the police deal with those who still break the rules.

Jill Ferguson

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WHAT people want at least by now is a plan like every other country has.

Even America has a phase plan!

I’m happy with a longer lockdown, I’d just like a plan by now.

Small business owner like everyone, yes the help has been amazing but it’s at a point of ‘when can I work again’... then again, Germany relaxed and now

cases are shooting back up


Dean Cunningham

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I THINK people fail to realise that if they lift lockdown too soon, the economy and jobs won’t matter because the loss of lives will supersede that!

Kennedy Kristal

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PEOPLE need to be realistic and understand that this is the way of life for a good while yet.

There’s a reason the schools are closed and businesses. Some people still have no idea how serious this is.

Kirsty Learmonth

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HONESTLY, if it was raining or -6°C the majority of people complaining about being in “lockdown” wouldn’t normally leave their houses.

It’s a global pandemic and the entire country is affected. It’s not like you’re stuck indoors 24/7 or can’t communicate with family and friends.

William Shields

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MAYBE we should go into complete lockdown and no-one is allowed to leave their gardens (except essential key workers).

Nicola Graham

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I’M no fan of First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, but I agree with her.

The lockdown should only be lifted when it’s safe.

Death rate is very high at the moment. We’re still at high


Pete JW Mac

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PERSONALLY, as an NHS worker, lockdown needs to stay longer.

Jacqueline Cuthbertson

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WITH regards to the Secret Taxi driver column (Thursday) discussing the hustle and bustle on a Saturday night. I don’t miss the pizza box and chip-strewn streets on the way to church on Sunday mornings.

Stewart Ferguson

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I WANT to pay tribute to all the public transport workers and cleaners in Glasgow who are continuing to work during the lockdown.

They are true heroes and deserve credit from the employers for continuing to work despite the coronavirus pandemic.