IT'S nearly the weekend... but these STEM puzzles are so much fun you might not mind doing them on a Saturday or Sunday.

We've teamed up with Glasgow's education services to run resources for home learning in the Glasgow Times.

Today is the turn again of our experts in science, technology, engineering and maths to help parents and carers bring the classroom home.

Glasgow Times:

There is absolutely no pressure from teachers to recreate a strict schedule for learning, but these science and maths-themed cards will help with extending learning.

Some of the questions are pretty tricky - but we're sure you'll be able to crack them.

We're especially fascinated by what might appear on your slice of bread... so send us your photos if you take part in this challenge.

Glasgow Times:

For this series, which will run until the summer holidays, we've also spoken to educational psychologists about supporting family wellbeing through the crisis.

Glasgow Times:

We have heard from music teachers about how to bring music into your home learning experience.

Physical fitness is being covered and English as an Additional Language. as well as top advice from early learning practitioners.

Earlier this week we had some amazing ideas from the literacy teams.

Glasgow Times:

All of the hints, tips and activity cards are online at

Do check out any editions you may have missed for more ideas on how to support learning at home.

Glasgow Times:

We've covered all the bases, from pre-school children to primary seven.

Scroll down for the answers to all the challenges...



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