SINGER Marti Pellow has told fans he is proud of his Scottish roots and hometown Clydebank.

The star, who recently turned 55, was taking part in a Q&A on his Facebook when a fan asked him if he was proud of his hometown.

Marti, who left Scotland 20 years ago for a new life in Windsor, said: “I grew up in Clydebank famed for its shipbuilding and the Singer sewing machine. For me it is very much a working-class town and I remember it very fondly.

“As a matter of fact when I was in America recently I went to visit the Queen Mary Ship which is in Long Beach, California.

“I have been to see it a few times actually and every time I am in that area I swing by and say hello to it.

“I go on board and you can go into the depths of the ship. You will walk about and see it was made in Clydebank. The American friends I was with I would say that is where I am from.

“You would see some of the dials were made in Baillieston or certain parts of Glasgow - and I will say that is where I am from, did I tell you that is where I am from?

“From my point of view I am very proud of heritage and where I come from.

“To see that ship it was just magnificent. If you ever get a chance to go and visit it, it is a great day out.”

He added: “When we were there, we went up to the bar and there was some people who sailed on the Queen Mary when it was in action. They were going back there for I think their 70th anniversary.

“The old couple danced in the bar and everyone gave them a big cheer because it came across the tannoy that it was their 70th anniversary.

“It was great and I said by the way did I tell you the Queen Mary was built in Clydebank - that is where I am from.”

The former Wet Wet Wet frontman has been entertaining fans during lockdown with the Q&As and performances of his hits.

We previously reported that he dedicated his hit Angel Eyes to carers from Clydebank who are fundraising for vital PPE.

The singer is now writing a new stage musical with his long-term music collaborator and producer Grant Mitchell, along with leading theatre dramaturge and playwright, Jack Bradley.

He quit Wet Wet Wet after 30 years of hits. The band still performs with former Liberty X singer Kevin Simm.