WORK will be carried out to "rejuvenate and preserve" Woodside Library after plans were approved by the city council.

Glasgow Life, which runs the library on behalf of the council, requested permission to refurbish the 115-year-old building.

The council previously granted permission for the replacement of the library's glazed dome at the end of last year.

Woodside Library, one of seven libraries in the city funded by Andrew Carnegie, "is showing signs of deterioration and wear with no major works being undertaken in 50 years".

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A planning report states: "The regeneration works intend to restore the grand and well lit spaces to their former condition and to provide modern adaptable facilities for this generation of users."

The main objectives of the refurbishment are to address "multiple areas of water ingress, increase the number of sanitary facilities, improve fire escape routes within the library, repair stonework/windows/rooflights and to maximise the potential use of the building".

Stonework on the front façade will be steam washed to remove moss and algae and damaged areas will be repaired. Repairs will be carried out to the roof to deal with areas of water ingress.

The report states: "Woodside Library was the first of the Glasgow libraries to be completed in 1905 and in its 115 years standing, it has undergone various alterations and repairs but special care has been taken to retain the architectural character of the original stonework, mouldings and features which we will continue in the proposed regeneration.

"The proposed refurbishment of Woodside Library is intended to rejuvenate and preserve the building, both as a community hub and in its historical importance.

"The recent regeneration of the Carnegie library in Partick has been a great success. The works have strengthened the position of the library within the community, providing attractive spaces for adults and kids alike, to read, study and play."

Previous planning permission allows the existing dome on the roof which "is beyond economic repair" to be removed and replaced.