A VULNERABLE WOMAN who has used Women's Centre Glasgow services for over twenty years has described it as a 'lifeline' since moving services online and over the phone.

Anne, a 60-year-old who lives in the Wynford, suffers from anxiety and depression.

She has used the Women's Centre Services since 1997, and was devastated when lockdown began as she would be unable to leave her home to attend services.

The Women's Centre Glasgow are operating telephone therapy, food referrals and their domestic abuse helpline online and over the phone - many of which they are distributing themselves.

Anne told The Glasgow Times: "If I didn't have the Women's Centre I'd have nothing.

"I have used every service that they have and there have been weeks where the staff at the Women's Centre are the only people I speak to."

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Anne is calling for better government support for people like herself who live alone and are unable to leave their homes.

She added: "My mental health has been really bad since lockdown started and I am needing the Centre more than ever.

"It is a second NHS to me. Long may it continue."

Sandra Martin, a Business Development Leader at the Women's Centre Glasgow, told The Glasgow Times the Centre has had to adapt massively to keep up with service demand since the coronavirus crisis.

She said: "It has been a completely surreal situation.

"We usually provide a one to one, face service to vulnerable women, who are suffering from a variety of issues: domestic abuse, health issues and food poverty just three big ones.

"It usually takes us weeks to properly assess needs and deliver help, but all that has had to change."

The Women's Centre has started running online services for food referrals, therapy treatment and prescription services as well as a range of classes, like baby sensory classes and yoga.

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A huge element of their work in recent weeks has been helping women suffering domestic violence while at home.

Sandra added: "We have started distributing phones to women so they can get in touch and keep themselves safe.

Glasgow Times:

"Our calls regarding domestic abuse have risen by over 50 per cent. We are still referring women and helping them seek refuge and be safe. They should call our helpline if they are struggling.

The Scottish Government has announced funding to similar charities, granting £1.35 million for Scottish Women’s Aid and £226,309 to Rape Crisis Scotland to help tackle levels of gender-based violence in Glasgow.

Sandra added: "We are here and open to help anyone that needs. We will try to help anyone who contacts us.

"If it wasn't for communities, I don't know how Glasgow would have kept together during this.

"They are amazing."