INTERESTING to hear that the level of traffic is steadily increasing despite the restrictions.

Authorities on both sides of the border have urged folk to desist extra travel as we are risking all the gains so far.

What I would like to know is why the police have not seen fit to crack down on this?

Too many people stand at their front doors every Thursday evening to clap for the NHS and next day make extra, unnecessary journeys and allow friends and neighbours to visit their garden barbecues. Hypocrisy of the highest order.

We cannot afford to lower our guard on this virus.



CORONAVIRUS testing is long overdue (FM updates death toll, Glasgow Times online, Friday).

Though it’s a stage too late, as prevention is better than cure and avoiding ways of the virus being spread is the only way to reduce numbers becoming infected, or worse still dying.

Jill Ferguson

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WE don’t need more cycling lanes as cyclists seem to think pavements are cycling lanes (Glasgow council bosses have earmarked 11 places for road changes, Friday).

It’s pedestrians that need safe places to walk free of cyclists.

Edna Dougary

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IT’S heartbreaking (Glasgow’s first care home worker death confirmed, Friday).

My condolences to the poor family and to the other residents that passed away.

My mother is in the care home and started showing symptoms last week, the staff are amazing looking after her.

They are putting their own lives at risk and we are truly grateful to them.

Michele Moran

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SO sad. My thoughts go to all his family.

We need ALL testing done in care homes, whether or not carers and residents are showing symptoms, as we are seeing not all have showed symptoms and unfortunately have died.

Jeanette Kelly

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THE sadness echoes through all care workers.

This guy died being a dedicated professional.

Angela Connor

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THE ABC should be rebuilt instead of the GSoA – it was one of the best gig venues in town, and the building is historically equally important (O2 ABC looks set for demolition, Friday).

The ABC was an innocent bystander...why should it suffer because of the art school’s incompetence?

Lynz Moore

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IF they can restore art school like-for-like, why can’t they restore 02 ABC as well?

The fire damage was caused by above. It could be another brilliant venue lost forever.

Ludwik Rozanski

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YOU would hope that a set of plans exist and that the building could be rebuilt.

Dnomyar Yllek

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WHAT’S going to replace

it, another glass monstrosity?

At the very least the facade

of the building should be kept

like they do in other parts of Scotland.

Kenneth MacKinnon

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ABSOLUTELY disgraceful! Glasgow City Council doing what they do best – bring in the bulldozer.

Rizwan Saqib

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