AS someone who has lived in Castlemilk for many years and indeed written to the Glasgow Evening Times (in the past) outlining the very lack of decent shops here, I truly hope that Stefan King’s G1 Group (which has taken over the Braes shopping centre) is committed to its regeneration.

At one of the public meetings in Castlemilk (pre coronavirus lockdown) regarding G1’s takeover, where councillors were in attendance to address our concerns, it left a large number of people in the community with more questions than answers.

The second public meeting which had been arranged had to be cancelled (due to lockdown) which sadly denied the Castlemilk community the platform to question G1 about its plans for “The Braes”

Obviously nobody is aware when these lockdown restrictions will be lifted to allow the community to re-engage in dialogue with G1 Group regarding the development stages of planning for the site and the selection of retailers it hopes to attract, and I sincerely hope this can be done as soon as humanly possible.

The people of Castlemilk deserve a shopping centre that is fit for purpose as the current one, in the 21st century, is nothing short of degrading.

Margaret Sinclair


JUST listening to Andrew Cuomo, Governor of New York, hitting out at the White House decision to not fund Democratic-led states during this crisis and allow them to go bankrupt. Pity he hadn’t stood for presidential candidate.

America badly needs someone with the humanity of Governor Cuomo rather than the bumbling, incompetent Trump.



THE last thing anyone needs right now is another world war. That is, except Donald Trump and his cabal of incendiary-tongued advisors.

All their slandering and finger-pointing towards China about the origins and spread of the coronavirus is just totally wrong.

The whole world has had to knuckle down and try to beat this very deadly disease together.

The worldwide death toll stands at close to 250,000, the last thing we need when we do eventually beat this virus is a major war between the big two superpowers – a war which the UK will be dragged into with our oldest ally.

The whole world is going to struggle big time when we come out of lockdown and will be trying to rebuild our economies. But all the Americans are thinking of is what they usually think of – and that is all-out war with someone.

I think it’s about time the US had a new Commander in Chief for all our sakes.

Richard Low