IT looks like the experts have brought their experiments outside.

Locals out for their daily exercise have noticed something strange about Glasgow Science Centre.

A thick black goo has been oozing down the sides of the building to form puddles around the outside.

The material that makes up part of the weatherproof membrane of the roof is melting once again.

But bosses say it’s nothing to worry about.

Peter Chua, communications manager of Glasgow Science Centre said: "The structural integrity of the roof is sound.

"The material that composes the weatherproof membrane layer of the Glasgow Science Centre is the black goo that is melting.

"This is a result of external factors outside its design perimeters.

"We are acutely aware of the issue and have engaged with consultants to look at how we best approach this challenge."

The issue has occurred previously, in June 2018 when Glasgow recorded its hottest day in 23 years with a high of 32 degrees.

While the weather over the past week or so has been ‘taps aff’ at some points, the temperature has been nowhere close to the 30s.