IT’S a scandal! (South Side residents rage as dirty masks and gloves dumped in street, Glasgow Times online).

But I don’t know what’s the worst – all the extra dog fouling that’s appeared or the used masks and gloves lying everywhere.

David Nelson

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NICOLA Sturgeon said at the start of lockdown that many cancer screenings would not be available for at least three months due to this pandemic (Public warned not to ignore cancer signs during lockdown, Glasgow Times online).

This government contradicts itself way too often.

Lynda Jones

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WOULD like to know who these people are as nobody I have spoken to wants this to continue (Majority of Britons against easing lockdown restrictions, poll suggests, Glasgow Times online).

I’ve not seen my grandchildren for six weeks, which is having an extreme effect on my grandson who is used to seeing us everyday.

This has to end. A lot of people’s mental health is at stake, not to mention the loss of jobs etc.

Sounds like more figures and statistics being fabricated as an excuse to keep us in this position.

Jenna Robson

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SPEAKING as someone who caught the virus, I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, not even people who put cash before lives.

Remember folks, if you ignore medical advice and go out and about you increase your chances of catching the virus. If you still wander about after being infected you could be responsible for people dying. This virus does kill.

R Kay

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THE queues for Costa and Starbucks give a new meaning to that well-known famous song by the Proclaimers – when I wake up, well I know I’m gonna be, I’m gonna be the man who beats you to the Costa. But I would drive 500 miles and I would drive 500 more... just

to fall down at your Costa drive-thru.

Catherine Hester

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WHEN are teenagers going to get it into their brains that a lockdown means you can’t just go on to school pitches with your pals for a game of football.

I’ve lost count how many teens and grown men decided to climb the fence at the high school next to my home for a game of football. Do the parents realise where their children are?