NICOLA Sturgeon has taken a swipe at the dozens of cars spotted queuing for drive-thru coffees this weekend.

We previously brought you footage from the Costa Drive through at Breahead, showing cars piling up onto the main road due to a surge in demand after the chain reopened.

A source, who wished to remain anonymous, told The Glasgow Times stewards were telling cars to stop joining the queues as they were reaching the main road and roundabout. 

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They said: “There were so many people sitting waiting in their cars. 

“It was mental. The queues stretched out onto the road and a man was telling people to stop joining because it was getting ridiculous."

Costa Coffee announced plans to reopen another 29 stores for delivery and Drive-Thru on Friday. 

But today First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has hit out at those queuing outside the chain as the lockdown continues.

At her daily briefing she said: "You should ask yourself if going for a drive-thru coffee is really an essential journey".

After footage of the scene emerged online, some people took to Twitter to share their views on whether or not a visit to a Drive-Thru was 'essential'. 

One wrote: "Just passed Costa Coffee opposite the Audi garage at Braehead. There's a queue of cars stretching out to the main road. Have folk gone mad!"

Another said: Costa Braehead drive thru open from tomorrow... is a drive thru essential travel?"

One Glasgow Times reader commented: "What is with those people? It's the same when McDonald's, Burger King, Five Guys etc open their Drive Thru's. Buy a jar of coffee,make your own burgers."