A West End bike charity has seen a big uptake in its bikes for key workers programme.

Demand for two wheeled transport during lockdown was so great Bike for Good Glasgow West in Yorkhill ran out of bikes.

The charity faced having to turn people away until a donation in the form of loaned bikes came in that saved the day and allowed staff to get them fixed up, serviced and ready for the road.

When the lockdown started, the charity, which takes in donations of old bikes from people and staff and volunteers refurbish and service them to then sell on to the public to make cycling affordable to more people, was offering bikes for NHS, care staff and other key workers to help them get to and from work without the need for public transport to keep them safe.

On it’s facebook page Bike for Good, gave an update on the popularity of the scheme.

It said : “We have been totally inundated with requests for bike loans from key workers.

This makes us so happy. But we did quickly run out of bikes.

“Our lovely pals Jane and Robbie at Glasgow Life kindly loaned us 10 bikes to help with demand.

“These bikes are now being serviced and should be good to go by the end of the week!

“Hang in there if we haven’t been able to get back to you yet.”

Cycling has increased hugely since the lockdown restrictions were introduced.

More people are cycling for their daily exercise and many of those who are still travelling to work are preferring to bike than use public transport with other people, where social distancing is more difficult.

Bike for Good is also offering help form their qualified mechanics to keep workers on the road.

A one to one video session with a mechanic covering a range of emergency basic repairs, like punctures, brake & gear adjustment and saddle adjustments is available free.

The charity said: “We are offering this free to anyone who is still working and is cycling to work, or to anyone who has no income.

“You will be doing the work on your own bike from your home, but our lovely mechanic will guide you through the repair during the 30 minute session.”

More information is available at: