PARENTS are accusing Scotland's only directly government funded school of engaging in a "cash-for-places" deal with a property developer.

CALA Homes is building more than 400 new houses and flats in the historic catchment area of Jordanhill School, which is run by a board of managers.

It is considering plans to change its admissions policy to include the 400 new addresses while CALA Homes has agreed to build a £1.6 million new sports hall for the school.

A newly formed parents’ group has called for a delay in the process to allow further consultation with parents to be carried out.

But school bosses say changes will not deny places to children who are currently entitled to one and are vital to address future issues with access to the secondary.

Almost 100 parents attended the inaugural meeting of Jordanhill Parents Action Group, held virtually, on Sunday.

Their spokesman, Andrew Saunders, said: “JPAG believe that it is unacceptable and inappropriate that the Board of Managers have tabled this proposal at this unprecedented time when the school’s community - parents and guardians, including many NHS staff, key workers and furloughed staff - are dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic.

“The parents are extremely disappointed by the timing of this proposal.

“We are also concerned that we highlighted the issue of local school capacity to the city council during the Planning Approval process and we were ignored.

"We don’t need refurbished sports facilities – we need increased capacity and the developer of 400 homes in the heart of our community should be paying for this in the same way they are in other communities."

Locals fought a lengthy campaign against plans by CALA Homes for the new development in the grounds of the former Jordanhill College.

Jordanhill School is the former demonstration school for the teaching college and is the only school in Scotland to be directly funded by the Scottish Government, rather than through the local authority.

JPAG said it wants answers as to how the negotiations were conducted with Cala Homes.

And it called on the school to abandon a current timescale, which sees a survey of parents close on June 9, to allow full consultation with parents to take place.

A spokeswoman for Jordanhill School said: “The Board of Managers is very keen to provide as much information as possible to members in this open and transparent consultation, and to hear their views.

"The board members are parents and local residents and understand fully the place that the school holds in the hearts of the community and the potential anxiety which arises at any thought of changes to the Admissions Regulations.

"The current board, like all of its predecessors, is wedded to the principle that the school should seek to treat all residencies within its historic area on an equal basis. These proposals realise that ambition.

"In bringing forward this proposal, the Board of Managers’ intention is to provide an opportunity that both addresses historical concerns with the operation of the admissions regulations whilst simultaneously improving the school’s accommodation and facilities.

"The board has considered in detail the implications of local housing developments.

"It is important that the school and members address these now. Deferring that discussion will lead to ever more challenging issues in the future.”

Parents now plan to set up a constitutional group representing Jordanhill Parents Action Group.

Andrew added: “We are asking the school to pause these proposals to allow full and frank discussions with parents over what their priorities are for the school and community and how we can ensure there is a place for every child living in the area who wants one.

“There is no need for this proposal to be ratified for the incoming academic year other than solely for financial gain.

"Any amendments to the admissions regulations need to be considered and consulted and not determined purely by financial reward which the group feel significantly undervalues the worth of our school whilst perpetuating unresolved capacity issues.”

A spokeswoman for CALA Homes (West) said: “It is standard practice for every new development that we work with local authorities to agree contributions to ease any impact on the area in which we are building new homes.

"Our new development at Jordanhill Park is adjacent to Jordanhill School, which has unique status in that it is not managed by the local authority, so the funding agreement was reached directly with the school.”