IT’S the smiling faces which keep you going.

If you’d said to me at the start of the year that by May I’d be volunteering to deliver personal protective equipment (PPE) to care homes in Greenock for free I’d have laughed in your face.

It’s amazing how things change.

Now I can only laugh in your face from two metres, and with a mask on.

Speaking of which … masks, gowns, gloves and other PPE have been regular passengers in Glasgow Taxis over the past month.

That’s after the company teamed up with Med Supply Drive Scotland to solve a transport problem and make sure PPE gets to those who need it, and quickly.

For those who don’t know anything about them, Med Supply Drive Scotland, launched by NHS medics, sees a bank of volunteers work to locate non-medical businesses who have PPE and other supplies and then help get their equipment to the NHS.

Where transport is not available to do so, Glasgow Taxis Ltd have made themselves available to provide free delivery of any goods.

While these journeys don’t pay, they might be the most valuable work any of us ever do.

A whole number of drivers have stepped up to help.

We’ve picked up from various locations and dropped off at Med Supply Drive Scotland’s Hyndland Secondary hub.

We’ve also taken PPE and dropped off at care homes in Bishopton, Shotts and Greenock – to those working there and caring for our elderly and vulnerable, around the clock.

We have our own concerns, however these carers must be living each day with major worries and stress.

Yet, everywhere we go and meet people, all you see is smiles and receive warm welcomes.

It’s a credit to those working in care that they continue to do so with such a positive outlook.

My fellow drivers and I are just happy to do our bit to help.

Billy McGregor was the latest yesterday – from Govan to Hyndland.

Today it will be someone else, tomorrow another driver again.

And it’s the smiling faces which keep us going.

Visit to find out more and if you can help.