CLAPPING the NHS each week is all well and good but surely we can think of a more permanent recognition?

I feel a more fitting tribute to the heroes of the health service is to name future NHS wards, departments, annexes and indeed hospitals after health workers who have died in our service during this crisis.

Surely there are more than enough royal infirmaries and other NHS facilities named after a privileged elite?

Each and every NHS worker who has lost their life in battling Covid-19 are, by a distance, more worthy of this honour.

Eugene Cairns


I DON’T get the Government’s new app, Test, Track and Trace.

First of all, they would need to track or trace people before they could test them, would they not?

Therefore Track, Trace and Then Test would be more apt.

And tracking and tracing is basically the same thing, so why not just Track and Test?

Just more mumbo jumbo to make the Government look as though they are doing something.

And I don’t think we need an app to be traced by our phone. The Government has had that option since the first phone rolled off the assembly line.

Richard Low


LIKE a lot of people at people at the moment I try to get out for a daily walk, and like most pedestrians I pay attention to the social distancing advice.

However, I do wish someone would pass that message on to cyclists, who even at this time of light road traffic insist on cycling along pavements, sometimes in groups, leaving pedestrians the choice of stepping on to the road or letting these people come closer than they should.

Cyclists appear to have a free pass to go wherever they please, with no-one in authority willing to challenge this potentially dangerous practice.


Via email

TOTALLY pie in the sky and zero chance of it happening (PFA chief Gordon Taylor (left) says halves may be shorter than 45 minutes when football returns, Glasgow Times online).

The English Premier League is despairing and panicking to get matches played to receive the television money.

That’s all it cares about.

Simon Taylor

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I WOULD like to praise the delivery workers who are continuing to work despite the risk to their health. Keep up the good work.

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