IT'S the turn of the Glasgow Counts team to support your family with home learning this week.

And our maths whizzes have come up with a variety of different ways to help youngsters boost their numeracy skills while schools are shut.

They've even combined maths with fitness activities - and they might even encourage the Glasgow Times staff to get out of their chairs too.

Glasgow Times:

This week they are tackling the theme of time.

Can you and your child make a creative timetable for the day?

Can you find a theme tune for your 20 seconds of hand washing?

And can you try and break a speed-themed world record?

Glasgow Times:

There's even some gentle encouragement to have children tidying their rooms...

For those who have smart phones or tablets, there are QR Codes you can scan using the camera on your device and these will take you to even more content online that has been created by teaching staff.

Glasgow Times:

It has all been carefully designed to give parents and carers support at home.

But there's no pressure to create a perfect school environment.

Teachers hope families will have fun spending time together with so many every day activities providing the chance to be a learning opportunity.

Glasgow Times:

And here's the links for people who don't have a smart phone:

For knuckles see:

Hand washing:

Telling the time:

Making a sun dial: