I was devastated when I saw the notification ping onto my phone that Nanika were taking away some of their noodle dishes.

To say I am mad for oodles of noodles is an understatement, and I've loved their noodle dishes before but it was time to try something different.

Nanika have their own unique voice on social media, and operate mostly on Instagram which is something I, as a social media daft millennial, find very endearing.

Ordering our food by phone, we were given a pick up time - phoning at 7.30pm and picking up at 8.30pm.

They don't do delivery, which some may argue leads to a non-essential journey, but we timed it to pick it up on the way back from our shop.

Collection was all very socially distant and they now have a card machine in place which was a really nice addition as carrying cash is very much pre-Covid. I applaud Nanika for that and they maintain their levels of good care for their community which is always a win for me.

Onto the food.

I was pleasantly surprised to see despite the notification of no noodles, there was a noodle small plate of Kimchi glass noodles. Served cold, they were tangy and had a strong, not unwelcome, taste of fish sauce. My girlfriend wasn’t a fan, but I enjoyed them - even if they didn’t look very appealing the next day.

My first thought was about rice: we ordered a Red Chicken Curry and Chicken Katsu curry, and both were accompanied with a big box of rice. The rice accompanying the Red Chicken Curry had dried crispy onions and herbs, which was a nice addition, and Katsu Curry is only half the beast without the globe-shaped world of rice underneath.

If there was more Katsu sauce and less curry liquid, I think our measurements would have balanced out better.

The Red Chicken Curry was watery, and spilled out my plate onto the other foods, mopped up by the rice.

They both tasted great, spicy and fragrant with notes of unusual accompaniments you can't quite put your finger on, but I just wish there was a bit less...rice. Perhaps I ordered wrong.

Their bao buns were nothing but heavenly.

We went for the chicken and pork belly, and I am so impressed at the fact the buns are cooked in store.

Nanika, justice for your noodles!