POLICE are working to curb anti-social behaviour in Chryston after residents' call out mess in public areas.

Local youths were spotted partying at the weekend in the woods in Chryston, leaving behind empty bottles and even an abandoned mobility scooter.

The mess was left on the path at the back of Grayston Manor, commonly used by dog walkers.

A concerned resident told The Glasgow Times: "This was the mess left at the back of my house by the little cherubs that were allowed out for however long they wanted.

"The parents know who they are based on the stench of them this morning. "One was passed out on the ground for a couple of hours before dark so hopefully they will see this and shame them into using their outside hour to tidy it up so the rest of us can walk our dogs with our kids without having to dodge broken glass and bottle tops.

"Someone has dumped a mobility scooter under the bridge at the graveyard.

"Out with lockdown they are there every weekend, but that's one of the worst states it has been left after one night."

Glasgow Times:

Local police said they are aware of concerns and working to curb anti-social behaviour in the Chryston area.

Sergeant Stephen Shanks of Cumbernauld Police Station said: "We know that anti-social behaviour has a disruptive effect on local communities and will act on any information we receive.

"We are aware of concerns raised by the community in the Chryston area and officers carry out regular patrols of highlighted areas.

"It is worth stressing that the vast majority of young people do not come to the attention of police.

"A small minority do sometimes become involved in anti-social behaviour and police will take appropriate action where incidents are reported and offenders identified.

"I would also urge parents and guardians to make sure that they know where their children are, who they are associating with and what they are doing.

"Anyone who has concerns about anti-social behaviour in their area is encouraged to contact police by calling 101 as promptly as possible."

Local Councillor John Maclaren told The Glasgow Times: "This is the first I have heard of this, but we have passed it onto the police and the community police.

"I know they are busy but hope they will focus on how to break up anti-social behaviour in the area."

A spokesperson for North Lanarkshire Council said: “We would encourage everyone to stick to the government’s guidelines around safe physical distancing.

"Gathering in groups is unacceptable – we need everyone to act responsibly to prevent the spread of coronavirus.”