RECYCLING centres in Glasgow are to remain closed despite public concerns over waste while coronavirus pandemic continues.

Members of the public have expressed concern about the build up of waste due for the centres.

Jessica Cook, 32-year-old from Shawlands, said: "During lockdown I've done some DIY and my spare room is filled with waste that needs lifted or taken to the dump as it's too big for the recycling bins in my street.

"I live in a tenement building and there is currently only one recycling bin for the whole street, which is far from ideal. The councils need to let residents know when the recycling centres will reopen as soon as possible otherwise the problem will only get worse."

"I understand the council are under a huge amount of pressure at the moment but if the recycling centres can't reopen, then surely tenement building residents should be able to get their waste lifted?"

Glasgow Times:

While some services are to resume, including the collection service for brown bins which will return on Monday, trips to recycling centres are deemed 'non-essential' so the centres will remain closed.

The food waste service for bin back courts is also suspended, but residents are advised to continue to put food waste into general waste bins.

Local authorities are working together to plan when and how the centres will be reopened but this will not be until after lockdown is eased.

Recycling centres will be opened at the same time to ensure residents do not flood centres.

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Cllr Jon Molyneux, Green councillor for Pollokshields, called for clarity on resuming services.

He said: “People have been very understanding that the council has had to reduce some of its services, but it’s important there’s clarity now about how and when those services can resume.

"In particular, it will help to have guidance on how recycling centres can be reopened safely, both for staff and people using them, as is this could help ease some of the current pressures people are facing.”

The news on recycling centres comes after new research proves flytipping in the UK has increased by 300 per cent in rural communities during the UK lockdown.

Brian Gilmour, Director of property factors Indigo Square told the Glasgow Times lockdown has worsened their already existing bin issues in Garnethill.

He said: "We have been experiencing problems prior to lockdown due to the council's bin strategy in properties with communal refuse and these issues have been compounded now due to lockdown. We have also seen an increase in fly-tipping with no recycling centres.

"Again it will spiral downwards."

Glasgow Times:

A Glasgow City Council spokesman told The Glasgow Times:

"We are working with other local authorities and the Scottish Government on a plan that will see household waste centres reopen, but nothing is confirmed as yet.

“Local authorities want to resume this service at the same time as one another to avoid a rush of residents from local authority areas travelling to use reopened waste centres run by neighbouring councils.

“Despite the impact of the covid-19 outbreak, we have continued to collect bins for general waste and recycling as normal thanks to the efforts of our cleansing teams. The city’s 650 recycling points, situated on streets all across the city, have also continued to be serviced regularly.

“With key collection services still operating, the guidance we have is that a trip to a household recycling and waste centre is not considered to be an essential journey.

“Overall, the volume of waste being collected from general waste and recycling bins during lockdown has remained consistent with previous months.

“It does seem that despite the disruption created by covid-19, the vast majority of residents have played their part with how they’ve dealt with their waste. We are very grateful for the patience and cooperation of residents during what has been a highly challenging time.”

Glasgow Times:

A Scottish Government spokesperson said the Government is working with COSLA and local authorities to develop a wider statement on waste services.

“We are grateful to all those working to maintain essential waste collection services across Scotland.

“Local Authorities are responsible for local waste services including kerbside collections and the operation of recycling centres.

Councils need to consider several factors before restarting services, including the ability to operate safely, ensuring physical distancing is maintained and discouraging the public from making unnecessary journeys.

“We are working closely with Cosla and local authorities on the development of a wider position statement regarding the prioritisation of waste services and are also discussing what further guidance and practical steps on recycling centres may be required.”